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Letter: Letters length and media bias

John Douglas

Yet again the bias of the media is loud and clear. The Post Independent rules on submitting letters to the editor reads as follows on their web site, “The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reserves the right to edit all letters. Because of space constraints, please limit your letters to 350 words.” Yet on Jan. 16 we see a letter from a gentleman who has a vested interest in the topic he writes about and his letter was a whooping 606 words, 253 words over the stated limit.

I have yet to see a conservative letter writer have a letter over the stated 350-word limit.

The only conclusion is if you want to submit a letter to the editor and your topic that is of a liberal nature, have at it, there is no limit to the space the Post Independent staff will give you. On the other hand, if you want to submit a letter of a conservative nature, don’t you dare think of going over 350 words, and don’t be surprised if your letter is not printed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We do not reject letters because of length or ideology. We reserve space for people living in the area and do edit or even reject letters that are hopelessly unclear, libelous or excessively mean-spirited. We do, in fact, ask “Because of space constraints, please limit your letters to 350 words” and our online form does limit writers to that length. Letters may also be submitted by email to letters@postindependent.com. We have printed an increasing number of guest opinions and letters above that length in recent months. We’ve printed full pages of letters to get more in. Our goal is to publish as many opinions as possible and to host a vigorous debate. If everyone writes 500 or 600 words, eventually that will limit our ability to print as many letters.

As long as we are on the topic, please use the online form or submit by email. We don’t have a typist and it’s the 21st century age of instant electronic communication, with free email accounts in abundance and Internet access readily available at any public library if you don’t have a computer at home.

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