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Letter: Lewinsky for president

Stan Rachesky
Glenwood Springs

In light of the Hillary scandals, which include but are not limited to Benghazi, where she was directly responsible for the death of an ambassador and three other American heroes; illegally deleting public records; keeping top secret emails on her personal computer; sold uranium to the Russians through her faux charity; accepted funny money from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation; and presided over $6 billion unaccounted for at the State Department, do you ever stop to consider that Hillary thinks that laws are only for poor people?

If she becomes the next president, the liberals will go nuts and all they’ll talk about is gun control, flags, the names of football teams, Christianity, Fox News, how out of date they think our Constitution is and patriotism until we all want to throw up.

If you’re sick of listening to their constant whining and are voting for Hillary primarily because she’s a she, why not consider Monica Lewinsky in 2016?

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