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Letter: Library should reinstate book sale, magazine exchange

To date, two letters to the editor have questioned the need for a consultant to determine the direction the library needs to go, and one letter supporting hiring JVA Consulting.

I would like to add my thoughts, and they are free. We have a beautiful new building with lots of amenities, yet it is lacking two things that made the old library work.

One is the book sales. I realize there will still be a book sale in New Castle, but a significant portion of our population will not drive to another town. As a Friend of the Library, I worked at each book sale and I saw the amount of money we brought in for the library to use. I also saw how the book sales became a social gathering place. Don’t we still want the money and the camaraderie the sales fostered?

We have the Community Room in the new library, as well as a huge space in the lobby. Surely we could resume the book sales. Isn’t one of the purposes of the library to encourage people to read?

My other suggestion is to reinstate the magazine exchange. I subscribe to several magazines. I used to put them in the box in the lobby of the old library, and I almost always found another magazine to read. Why can’t that large space between the library and the Community Room house old magazines? It already has newspapers and other publications.

Joan Isenberg

Glenwood Springs

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