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Letter: Life is precious

Roe v. Wade: A good many people do not know what this decision is all about. In 1973, the U.S .Supreme Court allowed abortions on demand, legally.

Two female lawyers pushed a pregnant women’s plight of not being able to obtain an abortion in Texas. That women’s name is Norma McCorvey. She is “THE” Jane Roe. Jane Roe was pregnant for a third time when she tried to obtain an abortion. She later gave birth to a girl and gave her baby up for adoption. After many years of campaigning for abortions, she is now pro-life. McCorvey feels responsible for all the abortions that were made legal since. Her two lawyers used her and needed her to be pregnant for the case to continue even though they could have helped her obtain an abortion at the time.

Norma now helps to promote life and counseling to those who have had abortions. The women lawyers wanted to make a name for themselves. That they did, but do you even remember their names now?

Since the Roe v. Wade ruling, women still believe that this law is for them. This is the greatest achievement that women have been awarded. To say, “I can get an abortion.” REALLY?

Planned Parenthood promotes this law to the fullest extent. They are the No. 1 provider for abortions and have become very wealthy because of that decision. Planned Parenthood is far more concerned about money than they are about women’s minds and health.

Abortion clinics and their doctors have been in the news lately and rightly so. The local Planned Parenthood in West Glenwood does not look so great. I hope the inside does not look like the outside surroundings, dead, dying, dirty and trashy.

Remember that life is precious and only comes around once. There are other choices and they promote life.

Judy Campbell

New Castle

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