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Letter: Limit growth, protect Glenwood

We always hear about the city of Glenwood considering lowering impact fees for developers, who are usually from out of town, and stand to come here and make a substantial amount of money and then leave. Do we ever hear about the city of Glenwood considering lowering the sewer rates for local residents, or have those rates been rising ever since the new plant was finished?

The impact fees are in place for a reason, to offset the added cost that the city will have when the developer’s new units are occupied and start using our infrastructure. When those fees are taken away or lowered, the residents of Glenwood end up picking up the slack. The cost of providing utility services doesn’t go down, the payback of the approximately $40 million spent on the new sewer plant is still there.

What Glenwood has to decide is do we want our town to remain a beautiful mountain town. When these developers come to the city with reports from consulting agencies that say our town will grow to X amount by 2020, we should think about that. Do we want our town to keep growing, more cars, more infrastructure needed, more pollution?

What we should be doing is thanking them for the heads up and do whatever is necessary to slow that growth. We cannot possibly accommodate all the people who want to live here, and still be the quaint, beautiful mountain town that we are today. We would be so jammed up with people, traffic and problems that we wouldn’t want to live here anymore.

Our quality of life is more important that revenue. This is not an affordable place to live, and never will be no matter how much so-called “affordable housing“ is built. We are one of the top vacation destinations in the country, and the buffer between cities and the wilderness. That comes with some responsibilities, to protect the wilderness and keep growth under control. We need to stop making decisions by money and more by keeping our town as beautiful as it is right now.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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