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Letter: Little-known facts on Hobby Lobby case

The editorial cartoon in the Post Independent on July 2 shows us many things about the media, politics and the uninformed voter.

First it shows how uninformed the so-called artist is when it comes to the Supreme Court Ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. This case wasn’t about whether Hobby Lobby would or would not provide health care insurance that included birth control for their employees; they do in fact provide 16 different types of birth control for employees through the company health plan and will continue to provide that coverage. So when Hillary Clinton and others on the left claim that the rights of women are being taken away by this ruling, it is nothing more than a bold face lie that is being told for political reasons only.

So, what was this case about? Well, it was about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Bill Clinton signed into law. The owners of Hobby Lobby simply objected to covering pills or devices that may cause the death of a human embryo because of their religious beliefs. They have seen photos of aborted embryos and feel that these are in fact children. I suggest that everyone view these types of photos and draw their own conclusions.

Another fact about the ruling, the four types of birth control that were objected to can be provided to any Hobby Lobby employee through government-funded sources without cost to the employees.

Now the real question, how many of you knew these facts? I am guessing not many. The press has an agenda and does not want you to know the whole truth. How many of you heard during newscasts about this case that the lowest paid employee at Hobby Lobby makes two times the minimum wage? Hobby Lobby believes in paying their employees a fair wage. Again, very few if any of you knew this.

Bottom line, the voters need to get informed or not vote, we have witnessed six years of American decline due to voters being uninformed. Time to wake up America.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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