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Letter: Live in harmony with Earth

John Korrie
Glenwood Springs

The fact is the Earth is a living being and deserves the same respect and consideration as humans. I think one of the biggest problems is that a human life span is so short compared to Earth’s time frame. So humans aren’t around long enough to see the damage they have caused. If a human life was more like 500 years long, our actions would most certainly be different when it comes to the way we treat this planet.

The people who think drilling and fracking are safe practices just because there isn’t any immediate indication of damage are being short-sighted.

Would you serve fracking fluid to your family at dinner? Probably not because they would get very sick, if not actually die. So why is it OK to pour it down Mother Earth’s throat? The same goes for all the other chemicals we dump on or into the Earth: pesticides, fertilizers, Weed B Gone etc. Humans for the most part are only trying to make life easier for themselves by overusing and abusing Earth in the process. We should have learned more from the Native Americans we so foolishly pushed aside on how to live in harmony with this planet.

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