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Letter: Look at real issues on pot

Ignorance is running rampant in Glenwood Springs. I have read at least four letters recently on the ongoing pot debate and I feel like I am sitting in first grade where children are throwing tantrums because they lost a fight. This is a prime example how our young people become so confused in life. We have people who lost a vote, and they are “amazed” on how it passed, Ms. Hadley. The fact is it did, period.

You don’t need to agree with it, but writing fiction on the subject doesn’t help anyone. And those “bums” you so unfortunately referred to are human beings, “not bums.” They prefer alcohol, not pot. Pot was only legalized two years ago. If I’m not mistaken the bums you refer to have been around for hundreds of years.

I would encourage the City Council to look at the facts, not the emotional rantings from people who have not done their homework about the subject. We all have been bombarded by their fictional nonsense long enough.

The chief of police for Glenwood Springs made a very good statement over a year ago when the law was passed: They will enforce all the laws that are voted and passed on, including public use of alcohol and cigarettes. Also, if not mistaken, in a later statement commented on his department having no increase in enforcement with regards to pot. Our youth are sitting back laughing at us.

Finally, I would like to respond to the revenue this industry will contribute, the thousands of dollars that will be used for roads and schools, revenue to help with our failing medical system and all the medical treatments like lung cancer, liver damage and transplants, none of which are caused from pot, but abusing alcohol and cigarettes.

I know we don’t like to talk about the money that will be generated, especially the critics, but rest assured they will gladly accept it and benefit from it. Let us start dealing with the real issues confronting us. It’s time to grow up and stop whining.

Scott Redding


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