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Letter: Loopholes for Evil Empire

Jamie R. Conner
Glenwood Springs

Oil drilling has been occurring for many years and has not been regulated in over 30 years. In the past two decades fracking has taken center stage. Fracking companies are not subject to the Clean Water Act nor the Clean Air Act, and it seems if state bills are passed to slow fracking down, there are always loopholes for the Evil Empire to jump through, allowing them to continue at will.

“Our U.S. national parks and public lands are some of our most treasured places and should be protected from fracking. Yet instead of following the lead of New York in banning fracking, the Obama administration has devised fracking regulations that are nothing more than a giveaway to the oil and gas industry.” (Mark Ruffalo Americans Against Fracking).

At a horrifying rate, natural areas set on public lands are being destroyed by fracking sites. Along with the site itself, the pipe network extends out for many meters in every direction, which lays damage to aquifers, soil and the vitality of the area. Not to mention that these pipes can and do leak the “mud” into the ground which contaminates streams, aquifers and rivers. With this in mind, integrated strategies involving renewable resources to supply our energy needs need to be taken into account. Sources such as wind, wave, and solar power are not as detrimental to global warming and have less of a carbon foot print. With these alternatives we can lean towards a viral social change away from the extraction and use of nonrenewable resources.

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