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Letter: Losing touch with the wrong of pot

Over these past few years I have seen many different things, from the legalization of marijuana to people taking a serious look at banning firearms, but right now I’d like to talk about how I believe these things have come about and how they have affected our culture.

To begin with, I’d like to use the example of the legalization of marijuana. Even 10 years before this historical event, the use of this drug was frowned upon greatly and anyone who used it outside of legitimate medical prescription would have been ostracized. But in the years since, it has become more and more popular in spite of its immorality. But since it has grown more and more popular (and this is where I make my point), the view of people using marijuana illegally has not kept its enormity of its wrongness, and I believe that that is where our society has its fault.

Whenever there is something that is wrong morally but pleasing to the natural human being, all wrongness is thrown out the window, and that thing no matter what it is, its cultural view is drastically changed to please the people in their wrongdoing. Now these things are legal and the people are happy but the wrong thing is getting to the wrong people.

Today, while reading this newspaper, i have seen four advertisements for marijuana. In these advertisements it is displayed as legal for adults only (age 21), but that does not mean that these ads have not reached the youth of our community. I believe that there should at least be a limit to size or have a listing for marijuana dispensaries that is much more discreet so that the youth of the community may be less subject to the influence of underage smoking. I look forward to listening to your feedback.

Lance Page

Glenwood Springs

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