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Letter: Lost cabin, lost love

For all the animal lovers: Have you ever thought what the power and strength of love can do to oneself, or how far you would go or what you might lose for standing up for this emotion?

Seven and a half years ago I stumbled upon this little worn-down cabin in the midst of nature. I fell in love with it. I was selected after saying many prayers that I would be chosen to rent this little cabin. Once I moved in, I quickly began painting and fixing it up. Little did I know along with this cabin came a lot of wildlife. Oh, it was so great. I prayed to St. Francis to keep all these beautiful creatures safe and warm.

This cabin was 109 years old. It became my way of life in No Name. My plans were to live there for the rest of my life. My entire heart, soul and spirit was poured into this little cabin. This cabin glowed inside and out with love. I had the utmost respect for the land and the wildlife that lived there. When my mum passed I scattered her ashes near my cabin for forever closeness. This cabin was me.

Then the property changed owners. Things began to change, so much so that 1:10 one morning in September 2014, I awoke for the second time that month to gunshots. I got up and noticed a car parked in the circular driveway. There were two people standing outside the car with guns. I could not see who they were. I called the police. I did not realize I had just called the authorities on my landlord. This of course caused me much anxiety. But I came to realize it would not have mattered who it was shooting guns illegally and while intoxicated at the bears — it was simply wrong.

I spent the next 10 months not knowing whether I could stay in my little cabin in No Name. Well, this mid July my fears became reality. The court proceedings had come to a close and I received a notice to vacate by Oct. 15. I fell deep into depression and had unhealthy feelings of anger. I could not accept the fact I had to leave my mum and my little beloved cabin. I soon realized I had to leave sooner than later.

It’s been two and a half months since I left my little cabin. Probably will never be able to return due to my feelings of such a great loss. But I’ve come to realize a cabin is just a cabin and ashes are just ashes. Out of love and respect for nature and wildlife I lost two things that I loved so much, almost as much as life itself. I truly believe in my heart if one is true to one self and stands up for what they believe, in that at the end there will be great satisfaction, no matter what the cost.

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