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Letter: Love it or leave it

America is at war. The immigration vote has brought the invasion of America to the forefront. It has been going on for decades. America is being invaded right before our eyes.

At least Mr. [Bladimir] Majano [in the country illegally] states the facts. This is war. It’s not over until one side gives up. But Mr. Majano is the aggressor. He trespassed into America. He left his country. He left his family. Why didn’t he stay with his family and fight to make his county a better place?

Now he has invaded my country. He did not come here to be an American. He came here to take my home, to destroy my way of life. To displace my family. Why doesn’t he go home to his family and country and work there for a better life for his family? You have invaded my country, and I will fight for my country.

We have a saying in my country, too. “We might not of started this war, but we intend to win it.” America, love it or leave it.

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

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