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Letter: Love the Caverns lights

I just love the lights at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!  

Every time I drive into town from my home or when I go home from town, I love to look up at those beautiful lights floating in the sky. The Christmas season is only about a month out of a year and the lights in downtown and on houses and at the Caverns are a beautiful happy thing to behold. The Caverns is a wonderfully fun family place to be, and what better way to celebrate the season then with caroling and lights. When you are driving down a dark highway and you turn the corner and see the cross on one hill and the lights on the other with the lights at the Hotel Colorado directly under the Caverns lights it gives you a warm welcome to our amazing city. Take time to look up and put a smile on your face, when you look at the lights, it just might make your day!

Laura Porterfield

Glenwood Springs

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