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Letter: Lying is OK?

What a dismal country we live in today according to Eric Olander. I now understand why the Ten Commandments must be washed from the walls of every courthouse and government facility where politicians reside. Thou shall not lie has been deleted from their memory cards and reprogrammed with thou shalt never tell the truth, especially to the American public lest they know as much as we do. I believe this applies to our current president and it is Mr. Olander’s belief that this makes everything OK. “Don’t worry, be happy” the Affordable Health Care program is good for you, oh wait his lips are moving so this must be a lie.

We elected our state and federal politicians to office to represent us and to vote on issues as our true representatives. If you recall, not one Republican voted for Obamacare and were joined by several Democrats. Polls showed that the American voters were against it yet the Democratic-controlled House and Senate forced it through with the glorious Nancy Pelosi preaching from her pulpit to “pass it now, you can read it later.” Now we know why. What concerns me is that just a small percentage of this 2,000 pages plus act has been implemented yet look at the problems that have been uncovered.

The website is the easiest problem to fix but after promising more than 24 times on national television that we can keep our present insurance and our current doctors we find out this is wrong, at least for a few million Americans. According to your philosophy this should be of no surprise because we know politicians lie. You know what is truly funny? Bill O’Reilly says that he is giving the president the benefit of the doubt when he says he didn’t know this would happen instead of calling him a liar. Which is worse, being a liar or not knowing what your own bill contains?

I will read your letters using your logic and adjust accordingly.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: With all due respect to everyone involved, our reading of Mr. Olander’s letter left us with the impression that he does not think it is OK for politicians to lie but that it should not surprise anyone when they do.

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