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Letter: Make homework free

My Project Citizen group found a problem with how our school is making us pay for our homework. The school has changed from paper homework to use of a digital site that costs $15 per course, which can get pricey for students who do not have the money to spend on a site for homework.

The site that the school is using is called webassign, which provides teachers the questions and a platform to make homework assignments through a free textbook site called Openstacks. The thing is, webassign is using the free textbooks from Openstacks and using these textbooks to create a database for teachers to assign homework to students so that they can access their work on computers at home.

Sometimes, teachers don’t even use the site, so it is sometimes a waste of money for teachers to make students pay for this site. We are working on a solution to this problem and the solution is to ask local businesses, community fundraisers or a grant from Garfield County to make homework free.

Joseph Liotta

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