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Letter: Make parking easier so riding is better

Recently, we went to the Carbondale Park and Ride to take the BRT up to Snowmass to ski. We immediately noticed three cars parked along the edge of the lot toward Carbondale with big parking violation stickers on the windows. These parking places work very well with no interference with other motorists. This lot is woefully undersized and full every week day. Why not be a little more flexible on the parking there?

We had to go to the other lot on Main Street and wait for the Carbondale Circulator. It added 15 minutes, at least, plus a ski transfer to our trip, and took the bloom off the great BRT experience. It was the plan, we understood, to expand this lot last summer; since that did not happen, it seems sensible to maximize the parking in the lot with maybe some markings and a relaxed enforcement.

Bob and Jane Lucas


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