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Letter: Make walking safer

Though it has been kind of enjoyable watching tourists and locals alike play “Frogger” on Sixth Street for the past few months, I am beginning to realize it is only a matter of time before somebody gets smoked by a car or possibly one of the hundreds of semi-trucks rolling through that zone all day.

As the tourist season approaches, I suggest the city of Glenwood and CDOT quit ignoring this potential disaster and do the following:

• Place better signage everywhere to funnel these people to the proper crosswalk. This includes placing signage on the traffic islands at the bridge intersection discouraging crossing there.

• Also, change the crosswalk pattern at the I-70 on-off ramp intersection so that all traffic stops and pedestrians are able to cross every street at once. This includes halting traffic heading east onto Sixth from I-70 possibly with an additional light on the south corner across from Kum & Go.

People are already hesitant about coming here with all the construction; let’s make it a little less dangerous for them. After all, nobody wants to get hit by a car on their way to go hurl themselves down a raging river or swing themselves out over a 2,000 foot canyon wall.

Joseph Bergl

Glenwood Springs

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