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LETTER: Marijuana legalization shouldn’t discount concerns about its safety

Did the advocates for Amendment 64 believe there would be no need for regulations or standards established within the cities and counties or state governments? Did these same people believe that the legalization of pot means that the concerns of the people who opposed Amendment 64 would not be recognized or considered?

Each of the government entities who work for all the people must be responsible in their decision-making. Legalizing pot did not make it a harmless drug. Amendment 64 will affect not only this generation, but future generations as well. Taking the time to research, discuss and consider the implications as well as the ramifications of Amendment 64, is in the interests of all the voters, not just the “yes” voters.

Among the “no” voters are concerned parents, grandparents and teachers, as well as mayors, trustees and county commissioners who have concerns for the young people not yet old enough to have participated in the vote.

While Bruno Kirchenwitz [letter to the editor, Sept. 10] may very well be old enough to use his body as a rec room, there are children of this generation and future generations who are not yet old enough to make a decision like this. These innocents need the protection of the lawmakers. Concerned adults who love and guide these children need assurance that there will be high standards and tight regulations implemented now, in the infancy of this new era of legalization.

Pot is not a harmless drug. Pot affects different users in different ways because of each individual’s genetic makeup and sensitivity to the poisons of the drug. Using Bruno’s rec room comment, one of the long-term effects that can create harm is the user may not be able to redecorate the rec room into a family room in the future. Pot is a drug that can cause cell division that can change a person’s genetics.

I understand that I am in the minority with my beliefs and that others will disagree that pot is harmful. Users will deny they have been harmed by use of this drug. Others who want to create new business around the sales of pot will try to convince new customers that [the drug is harmless]. They will be lying, to themselves as well as the others they will introduce the drug to.

Kathie Squires


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