Letter: Markets of warfare

When one atones for one’s sins it doesn’t do any good if we don’t atone for the actual sin. The very hard truth no American wants to admit to God (or his fellow inhabitants outside the borders of the Western World) is that we aren’t the top entry on the list of terrorist-sponsoring states solely because it is our list.

Maybe Mary Boland ‘s column put on your heart that the entire history of this experiment in self-governance – we really only give lip service to democracy – has been one of markets of warfare, by introducing you to the concept. Namely lies are followed by justification.

I say “markets” because this is the underlying meaning of “American interests.” Our interests have always been one market or another. But who can blame us? Warfare has always been the business of gentle society, the aristocracy (old money) and our revolution was carried out by our aristocracy fomenting the masses (like Trump is doing to gain the presidency) to get the king’s hand out of our pocket essentially.

This is an even harder truth for us to face: that the business of warfare is systemic. A system of economy we inherited it from our feudal lords and despite our embracing of enlightenment values haven’t done much to reform things because it is still the business model of the 1 percent. Old money.

All that defense spending doesn’t just go down the toilet, like the media frames things for us to believe. It goes into the bottom line of most of our Fortune 500 companies. The infrastructure of the Modern West. So much so, that if peace broke out across the globe, the economy of the Western World would collapse into unprecedented depression. So our solution remains playing one side against the other because we have no other solution than acquiescing our humanity for the slim profits for the fewer and fewer, while the rest of us continue trusting in a warrior god rather than face the sins of our father that shall remain those of our grandchildren despite who sits in the whorehouse.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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