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Letter: Mayor supports bonds, Hanlon

Michael Gamba
Glenwood Springs

As many in the community know, it was a difficult decision for me to publicly support 3B — $122 million is a large number.

3B is an important investment in our communities and our valley that will pay dividends long into the future. It is an investment that we can’t afford not to make.

As I considered 3B, one of the important factors which helped me support the bond is Karl Hanlon being on the school board. I have known Karl for years both personally and professionally. Over that time I have relied on his counsel, his commitment and his integrity. I trust and know that Karl will take seriously his responsibility to manage the 3B funds in the best interests of our citizens, taxpayers, parents and children.

When we make an investment in our community, we need to make sure that we have the elected officials in place who have the experience, knowledge and wisdom to manage that investment. I urge the community to vote for 3B and for Karl, both are an investment in our future.

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