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Letter: Mead showing his ignorance

I’m sorry but I’ve gotta ask; how can an elected official — i.e. Matt Mead, governor of Wyoming — be stupid enough not only to say something so ignorant as “My belief is that the recreational drug use of marijuana in Colorado will have an adverse impact to some degree we don’t know yet, to citizens in Wyoming. And that is a concern.”

Where has he been all his life? Pot has been being used by cowboys, card dealers, train robbers, Native Americans, beatniks, hippies, along with heroin, since before the turn of the century … the century before last. Now he wants to lay blame on Colorado? Give me a break.

I said recently that politicians were liars and honeyed it up by saying they were “bait and switch artists,” but now instead of using the word stupid I’ll be generous and say ignorant.

He needs to get out more. Come on, Matt, don’t you have advisers?

Just think … jeez!

Uncle Joe Lewis

Silt and beyond

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