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Letter: Means to the end of this country

Is anyone else feeling as disgusted as I am by what we have been voting into office for the last few decades? We have a disgrace currently in office, as is obvious by his approval rating. We had G.W. himself before that, and now we have Hillary and Donald Trump running for office? One seems to be running for publicity while the other is just a power- and money-hungry failure at her last position, and now we are supposed to consider her for a promotion?

Many are poking fun at the GOP “clown car,” but at least the GOP is offering us some choices. They may not be great choices, that has yet to be determined, but at least they are offering choices.

When are people going to learn that this bipartisan bickering, this thinking that all candidates from the opposite party of our affiliation are “idiots,” makes us just like the members of Congress we are all complaining about? This voting only within your party no matter what, and out of spite, is the means to the end of this great country.

The only way that I can see for the country to heal and go forward is for people to understand that there are extremists from both parties who are bad for the country. One left- or right-wing twit does not mean that entire party is made up of twits.

When we get a POTUS who is willing to rise above the bipartisan bickering, not choose a side and point fingers as our current president has done, then we all win. Obama has duped us, lied to us and failed to be a great leader. He has driven a wedge between Americans that I have not seen in my 50 years of life. Please examine his behavior, note the failures because of it, and before voting next time ask yourself if the candidate you’re considering has the wisdom, experience, morals and values to be a great leader. If any of the four are missing, please do not vote for them.

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