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LETTER: Meixsell needs to back up her claims

This is in response to the April 7 letter from a Tara Meixsell concerning impacts on locals from natural gas drilling.

Full disclosure: I have worked with the energy companies. I have been an owner and operator of a truck, and I have been guilty of living in a warm home and also enjoy electricity.

I am sure Tara has given all that a great deal of thought.

It is very easy to forget all the products that are produced by mining, farming and the oil industry. Imagine an environmentally correct bicycle — no frame, no gears, no chain, no tires, no pedals and, worst of all possibilities, no Spandex.

So this fall when you vote, vote against fracking and all these things — prosperity is better than poverty, I’ve tried both.

Her claims to research and data are fine and well, but I see no documentation to back up her claims. It should be easy to back up her claims, if she and her group would bring these problems to the attention of the people in the industry. The vague claims of damage would be easy to verify if they were true.

The industry spends millions of dollars and is employing many people to monitor the drilling process and many more millions to rectify any problems that become apparent.

For far too long those of us that depend on working for a living have been silent. I personally am fed up to the top with people who whine and complain and continue to contribute nothing to our community and country.

If they don’t like it here, contact me and I will contribute $50 toward their bus, train, plane or gas to move out of Garfield County.

Fred Sefcovic


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