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Letter: Midland, downtown or the rail corridor?

Development of a transportation corridor through Glenwood Springs has been on the plate since the ’70s and before. Many of the same problems existed 40 years ago as they do today; however only two of the variables have significantly changed: cost and population density of those areas affected by any of the given solutions. There is no single “best” answer that will appease everyone. Someone/many will “suffer and be unhappy” regardless of any viable solution. In the meantime, only those who travel through Glenwood will suffer every day.

How about utilizing all three corridors? Midland as a passenger vehicle corridor, the rail corridor as a greater-than 15,000 gross vehicle weight corridor and downtown as a historic, shopping, dining byway?

The truck traffic is contained, workers can flow up and down valley with limited hindrance, downtown commerce is saved through quiet flow, better access and visitor-based development. By breaking traffic patterns into three distinct options, no one corridor will bear the brunt of the change. Yes, all three will see change and impact issues.

Midland would by far see the greatest impact, yet it could be engineered to protect the majority of those who reside in those beautiful neighborhoods.

Tilt up concrete panels and landscaping to shield traffic noise, development of ingress/egress into neighborhoods, and development of pedestrian corridors. Restriction of heavy trucks to another “shielded” route would ease both downtown and Midland. Downtown would create a safe, fun place to shop, explore and congregate for locals and tourists alike. But they would have to grow, change and develop new marketing strategies including consumer attraction and retention and development of a friendly physical atmosphere.

Cost, you ask? It would be the highest of all, but no less than the 40-year struggle we have already seen. A narrow valley does not leave many options without significant impact for all. I almost forgot the other option: bicker, argue and fight for another 40 years. It will be someone else’s problem then.

Stuart Cerise

West Valley, Utah

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