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Letter: Missing wedding dress

Please help. Back in November I had brought a wedding gown to the cleaners right across from City Market in Glenwood.

It was my friend’s, who passed away, and I was having it cleaned and boxed up for preservation for her daughters. I paid in full for this service and was told that it would be shipped out to New Jersey to get cleaned and could take up to eight to 12 weeks and would be sent directly to my home.

When I did not receive anything in January I drove to the cleaners and of course to my surprise it was closed for business. I am trying to reach the owners hopefully or someone who can tell me where the heck my friend’s dress is. Here I was trying to do a great thing only to have it stripped from my hands and theirs. If any one has information on how to contact them, please let me know at 970-274-2502

Kathy Yost

Glenwood Springs

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