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LETTER: Money talks with climate change

You have to smile when Hal Sundin writes another wonderful, well researched, informative column, and right next to it is a letter to the editor that has exactly the opposite point of view.

I guess I am one of those “environmental people,” but what I haven’t received for my interest is “more control, power and money.” Could somebody tell me where to get that?

We do know that the big energy companies have been spending millions to “indoctrinate” people that global warming is a “façade.” They do that because it creates votes for conservative politicians who control the House in Congress (power), so that profits on fossil fuels can stay as high as possible (money). They repeat their claims “over and over again” so that people will believe them — instead of thousands of scientists from around the world that have nothing to gain.

A group of U.S. senators just sent a letter to the big networks (FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC) over why they have carried only a few minutes of discussion on climate change — for the entire year. These are all big corporations that profit from all that we do that causes global warming. They have no interest in changing the status quo.

Carbon fees (with a dividend — checks sent back to the citizens from the fees) are proven to be effective. British Columbia has such a program, and the citizens are quite happy. Alaskans have been getting checks from the oil production for years, as have the Norwegians. The idea is to raise the price on what is very precious so that it is used more wisely. (See Citizen’s Climate Lobby)

The object of pollution control, worker safety, health care insurance and food regulations are to keep you out of an early “grave.” Surveys show that a big majority of Americans think that paying taxes for a better, longer life is well worth it.

Patrick Hunter


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