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Letter: Monthly jobs report is misleading

On the first Friday of each month the U.S. Department of Labor releases its monthly jobs report, which is usually picked up by the Associated Press and distributed nationally. The Post Independent published its jobs report news story with this headline: “January job gains, wage increases show U.S. recovery getting stronger, closer to full health.”

This story highlighted the 257,000 jobs created by the economy in January. Other news sources reported that the unemployment rate went up slightly to 5.7 percent. The fluff and spin about how great the economy is comes from the mainstream media, which in this case is the Associated Press.

The following quote is another example of how the favorable political spin is obtained from these labor reports: “steady economic expansion has boosted hiring for the past three months to the most robust in 17 years.”

First of all, the job numbers are not hirings. These are unfilled jobs supposedly being created somewhere in our economy. Most of these jobs are low-paying and usually part-time. I have to give the AP credit for their crafty way of putting a great spin on the economy on behalf of the Obama administration. Either that or the Obama administration puts out a great press release every month on the jobs report.

An old acquaintance of mine, Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup Inc., the worldwide survey company, posted on the Gallup website last week that the unemployment numbers are the “Big Lie.” Clifton pointed out how the labor data can be manipulated for good political spin. Other credible economic experts who are aware of this manipulation state that the real unemployment rate is around 11 percent or even much higher. If our economy is so great, why did it take a big slide in the fourth quarter?

The ugly truth is that 46 million Americans on food stamps is not a healthy economy. When you see President Obama touring the country bragging about the economy via mainstream media, think about the real numbers and how many millions of Americans are still suffering.

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