Letter: Morally bankrupt

It’s been eight months since the Syrian 3-year-old boy Alyan was washed ashore in Greece trying to migrate out of a war-torn country.

His photo and death bought to light the refugee tragedy, but the U.S. government and people still turns its back on the crisis. Shame on us.

As someone who wishes to represent justice by running for U.S. Senate in Colorado, I can’t remain silent. Our airwaves are filled with crap. Our social media with such trivia. As our societies’ waistlines widen, our hearts narrow.

Until we the people show compassion for refugees and those killed by our government’s weapons, I can’t honestly comprehend why I should care about anything else.

Our lack of compassion towards this suffering will not be ignored spiritually. It’s a universal truth. These stories come down throughout the ages. As a people loses their soul, their culture begins to crumble.

Our representatives are cowards. Not one stands up and demands we take in a child. Can we sink any lower?

Yes, Trump has stood by his proposals to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and deport millions of immigrants.

Father, forgive us, because we do not know what we do.

Redemption comes by civil disobedience. Start by telling your senator or congressperson to open their heart and take in refugees so that we can live by the golden rule to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves.

Arn Menconi

U.S. Senate candidate, Carbondale

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