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Letter: More guns are better

I wish to compliment John Palmer on his excellent piece about carrying a gun. I think John was correct on each one of his points, and in general wrong.

First, training is vital. Hunting, skeet, trap, clays, plinking, cowboy action or even IPSIC are not the same as tactical combat training. You must have good training and practice. Fortunately, we have an excellent resource on the Western Slope in Defenders-USA run by Adam Winch. Adam is also a U.S. Army veteran, a SWAT cop and an outstanding trainer. Adam, Defenders-USA, provides great training at a most reasonable price. Take it.

The Mesa County EMS coordinator has initiated a great program to help EMTs and hospitals deal with the reality of law-abiding armed patients. Other counties are looking at it. They should adopt it.

The “don’t try this at home” police mentality will have to go the way of “just give them your keys.” The new realities are that cops are outnumbered and outgunned by the bad guys. And this is only going to get worse. As the jihadists as well as #BLS crowds become more active, cops are either going to bunker down into ineffectiveness, (think “Robocop” here) or they will have to embrace the rest of the community. Not all cops will think this way and not all police management will be comfortable with the idea. Bummer. Reality sucks.

Finally, the “wrong” part. We live in a statistical universe. Sometimes the bread lands jelly side down and sometimes it doesn’t. But the important things are what happens in most cases. Now the scribbling class loves to hide the truth and replace it with narratives that match their philosophy, but reality always seeps in. Most people in America think that they are safer with more people carrying guns than with fewer.

Bad guys are bad and maybe crazy but not stupid. The only movie theater in Aurora with a “gun-free zone” was the scene of horrible murder. This is pretty consistent. The more armed people, the safer everyone is. Not to say that there won’t be an occasional idiot. But even that is better than betting on “public servants” to “protect and serve” you. Cops just can’t be everywhere all the time. Any honest cop will tell you that straight up. You have to take care of yourself.

But get trained. Good training.

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