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Letter: More handouts = more bums

After reading Dawn Dexter’s guest column in the Aug. 16 PI , all I can say is bless her naive, misguided social generosity. She means well. I’m sure. However the reality is that “we” don’t want to give free homes to hobos. Most people work hard to earn their homes and I don’t think “we” want to give away homes to every stumblebum who lacks one.

German theologian Reinhold Neubuhr said, “No one has the right to be unselfish with other peoples’ interests.” If Glenwood wants to remain known as a family friendly tourist destination instead of Hobo Heaven where bums will eventually eclipse tourists, then it needs to do a couple of things.

First pass a no-panhandling ordinance within city limits. Second, get tough and give chronic drunks and vandals a choice between a bus ticket out of Colorado or a six-month stay in our crossbar bed and breakfast.

Lastly, ignore Dawn’s advice about increasing services and handouts. More handouts equals more bums. “We” don’t want more bums. I feel entitled to my opinion because I lived on the streets of LA and several other places. When I got tired of being homeless, I got a job and earned myself a place to live.

It’s like why we don’t feed the bears — because then they become dependent on handouts and become a nuisance. People are like bears, keep giving them handouts and they become a nuisance.

Dawn, if you want to help the homeless, invite them to your place.

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