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Letter: Most Fun Town or POTtersville?

Glenwood Springs has traditionally been a great place to bring out-of-town tourists of all ages and backgrounds. But Glenwood Springs seems to be on the way to earning the title of “marijuana dispensary capital” of the I-70 corridor, given the many dispensaries along Grand Avenue and downtown, with still more seeking to open.

It’s especially troubling to imagine a marijuana shop and edibles bakery directly next door to the Vaudeville, prominently in the center of downtown. The Vaudeville is one of the unique family establishments in the area and the proposed location is about as visible as it gets. I have nothing per se against legal marijuana sales, but if our beautiful Colorado towns don’t get a handle on the oversaturation of retail marijuana establishments, before long the reputation of our communities as fun, family-friendly places to stay, visit and enjoy will suffer and could be permanently damaged.

It must be tempting for Colorado towns to give in to the attraction of collecting taxes from vendors or give way to the threat of legal action. But the long-term character of Glenwood Springs is at stake. I’ve been able to joke about the many marijuana stores when I bring guests to town, but at a certain point it can’t be laughed off and they’ll look for somewhere else to go. It is up to the City Council and all of us to make sure Glenwood Springs remains the “Most Fun Town in America” and doesn’t become another “POTtersville” USA.

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