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Letter: Mr. Sterling is not a victim

Regarding Bob Richardson’s letter of May 7, 2014:

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states in part: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” This amendment protects our freedom of speech (with some limitations) from governmental interference. It would not seem that the government, in any way, has infringed upon Mr. Sterling’s right to say whatever racist, bigoted, idiotic thing he chooses, either in public or in private. Those remarks can be repeated, published or tweeted by whomever — even his wife.

Richardson asks, “What happened to my right to be a racist if I would so choose?” Nothing has happened to that right. No governmental action, law or policy prohibits this. You have the right to be as racist as you want in your speech as long as you are not advocating violence, etc., and I would defend your right to do so. I also have the right to criticize your bigoted or otherwise idiotic speech (e.g. blaming what happened to Sterling on the Democrats), and you would need to be prepared to deal with whatever unpleasant consequences may ensue from your speech.

Mr. Sterling is not a victim here. If he has been targeted by some “powerful money group,” well, then he may have some sort of remedy, but we can just let the rich folk sort that one out.

Carole O’Brien

New Castle

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