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Letter: Mr. Talbott’s column is just anti-government propaganda

Once again Ross Talbott has failed to meet the most basic of journalistic standards. He states that “You don’t need to be very bright to see that by far the most successful form of government that ever existed has been capitalism based on Judeo-Christian principles, including ethics. Socialism has not been great. Communism has failed.”

Aside from the rambling awkward sentence structure (ethics are different from principles?), he misses a few points. I will explain it so hopefully Mr. Talbott can understand.

In America we have a representative democracy. In a true democracy everybody votes on everything. In practice this is very cumbersome, so we have a hybrid system where we vote directly only on certain major issues and our elected representatives vote on the mundane, hence the term representative democracy.

Our economic system is mostly capitalism. Socialist countries, like our allies in France, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden, also have representative democratic governments, but their economies are socialist. Those people voted socialism in and are mostly happy with it. I do not know of a modern socialist government that has voted socialism out. Leaders from the left or right come and go, but once people have gotten socialist benefits they tend to want to keep them. America is a great country, but there are wonderful things about other countries as well.

As to his statement that more than half of all Americans work for the government, not true. A quick Google search shows the figure to be between 7 percent and 13 percent, depending on how you count the military and its contractors. The highest it ever has been was 25 percent during the Great Depression. So it is quite obvious that no research was done for this column (or any others). Mr. Talbott has repeatedly demonstrated that he has serious tolerance issues, and his column only serves as a propaganda outlet for his paranoid, unsupported anti-government rants. The readers of this paper deserve better. I don’t wish to oppress another’s opinion. I just think Mr. Talbott should be held to higher standards.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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