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Letter: Murphy’s Law and the new bridge

“The Bridge.” It’s not just another canceled TV drama. It’s the four-lane center of a public safety drama just waiting to happen right here in River City. But not the drama you’ve been told to fear. No, it’s not likely to fall down anytime soon.

But it is going to be closed down, maybe only for 90 days. Or (says Murphy), “probably longer.” Why? “To replace it with a new, slightly wider and taller, four-lane bridge.” Why? “Beats me,” says Murphy, “Lots of my friends like the way our narrow bridge gets people to drive carefully; but there is all that money, the state money.” Enough to pay for the whole project, says I? “Nope,” says Murphy. So we have to pay? “Yep.” Do we know how much? “Not really. Projects like this rarely come in under budget.”

“And have you thought about what it’s going to be like for those, um, 90 days?” Not really, says I. “Well, most of that four lanes of traffic is going to periodically create big traffic jams, centered at I-70 exit 114.” So what, says I? “So, emergency vehicles and law enforcement will get slowed down by those jams.” How much, says I? “No one really seems to know,” says Murphy. That’s not good. People could die or be seriously injured while waiting for help. Does anyone care, says I? “I don’t know,” says Murphy, “Maybe not. They haven’t even tried a one-day test closure, let alone a full 90-day closure, where lots of things could go wrong.”

Now that is scary, and I’m starting to think it would be wise to have another bridge across the Colorado and maybe even a new way through town before we close down “The Bridge.” Better than going ahead blindly with the replacement, and letting some people die just to get our hands on that state money which won’t be enough, says I. “Yep,” says Murphy.

Nick Kelly

Glenwood Springs

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