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Letter: Nature’s gangs

Every so often someone starts a movement to reintroduce Grey Wolves back into Colorado. They do it in the name of loving nature and all animals. I find it to be a little one sided. I usually stick up for the predator’s victims rather than the predators.

Once I heard a deer crying out in agony and I ran to see what was happening. A group of coyotes were ripping out her intestines as she lay there in agony.

We already have brought back coyotes and lions with interesting results. Coyotes significantly reduce the fawn population, not to mention rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and any other animal that is non-predatory. An adult mountain lion will kill about a deer per week.

Years back I had 300+ deer come into my fields at night. Now I have three or four. Wolves would definitely contribute to the decline. Incidentally, hunters are a lot more merciful than a pack of wolves in case you are trying to eliminate the deer. When the deer are gone, the wolves will resort to domestic sheep, cats, dogs, and every other small animal. They might also reduce the coyote and lion resources. I remember when they had bounties on coyotes and lions and the deer flourished. Wolves and coyotes are nature’s gangs. We humans have enough of our own.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

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