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Letter: Negative impact of CMC hike

Headline: Tuition hikes coming for two-year CMC students, 1/25/16.

However, it will also affect English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED students. I’m concerned about the negative effects this will have on the non-traditional ESL/GED students who are striving to get their basic education. CMC has made a commitment to serve the whole community.

Let’s review CMC’s mission statement, “We aspire to be the most inclusive and innovative student-centered college in the nation, elevating the economic, social, cultural and environmental vitality of our communities … serving a diverse population in a student-centered, inclusive and personalized learning environment.”

The 100 percent tuition increase for ESL/GED students does not meet those criteria. It directly excludes a large portion of our community from having access to affordable education. ESL/GED students tend to be lower income; many students enrolled in these programs aspire to continue their education. Raising tuition will decrease student enrollment and greatly diminish the success of these programs.

According to U.S. census, 2014, Latinos represent 21 percent of Colorado’s population. A large portion of Latinos live in our mountain communities. During 2013-14, CMC’s ESL program alone served 2,688 students collegewide, helping them educationally excel and integrate into their community. Campuses from Glenwood Springs to Aspen had 745 enrolled. It’d be a shame to exclude so many motivated individuals.

If CMC feels ESL/GED students should pay more, why is it such a drastic increase? One hundred percent is steep and quite a disservice. The 8.77 percent increase to in-district students is a much more reasonable increment.

These programs are really important and valued by many in the community. It saddens/frustrates me to see them underappreciated. I’d like to encourage Dr. Hauser, Mr. Gianneschi and board members to rethink this decision. Please, consider how this will affect thousands of students. I sincerely request John Stroud conduct a follow-up interview with those at CMC to explain their stance on these questions.

How does this match CMC’s mission statement?

What is their justification for 100 percent increase?

How does this serve 2,688 ESL students (plus all the GED students)?

M. Kasper


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