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Letter: Net neutrality is regulatory creep

The steadily increasing creep of the power and willingness on the part of regulating agencies to unilaterally act in a fashion that essentially results in de facto governance and control of our lives has reached an alarming milestone with the FCC’s passing of the so called “net neutrality” rules. Formerly it was our elected representatives who enacted the laws that govern commerce and other aspects of our lives. We are experiencing a total sea change to this former notion and the implications pose a frightening scenario to the supreme right we all must hold dear: Liberty.

Once again we are led to believe (as usual) that the FCC’s good intentions are what matter, not the practical implications of its new and radical regulations. Keep in mind that the FCC commissioners that set forth these new regulations are not elected by you and I in a direct sense. For that matter, the people comprising the various regulating agencies, departments, bureaus, commissions and boards behind the onslaught of new regulations set forth under the current administration from all directions (EPA, HHS, TSA, etc.) are all drafted by unelected officials.

The Internet was conceived, constructed, financed and operated (formerly) by a vast alliance of private entrepreneurs and visionaries. Now, according the FCC, the Internet is a public utility in desperate need of the federal government’s oversight. While the notion of the Internet as a public utility may sound plausible, it should not be construed to be an acceptable basis upon which to allow the federal government to assume a role as an omnipotent entity capable of managing the Internet universe “fairly.”

As Mark Cuban stated in a recently televised interview, this is the same FCC that obsessed for eight years over the broadcast of Janet Jackson’s privileged anatomy during a Super Bowl halftime extravaganza. Imagine what logjams await all the decency on the Internet. And don’t assume that unlike other wayward souls all the Internet content you consume is decent and not in danger: What the FCC has set forth does the pave the way to control content.

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