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Letter: Never too late to right a wrong

I read with dismay about the vandalism of the bronze eagle sculpture on the corner of Ninth and Grand downtown Glenwood Springs. I, too, have had my ups and downs with vandalism and theft over the past 30 years in the valley.

Several years ago, I decided it would be nice to put out a cooler of water for the walkers and runners who exercise past our driveway on Midland Avenue. It gets hot on that route and there are no water fountains to be found. Many folks knew that at our driveway they could stop, open the cooler, pour a cool cup of water and be on their way.

For several months it worked like a charm. Then, lo and behold, one morning I woke up to find not only all the water gone but the entire cooler also gone. Was that necessary?

Last month, I put up two beautiful pumpkins as decorations at the top of the driveway, tempting fate once again. I wrote the warning,“Bad karma for a year if you take me” in black magic marker on the back of the pumpkins. For several days, it was wonderful to get the mail, drive home and walk by the welcoming orange orbs. Unfortunately and inevitably, I woke up one day and a pumpkin was gone.

I grieved for several days trying to decide if I should face the fact that one cannot be “nice” when it comes to public decoration. Then suddenly, the pumpkin re-appeared. The exact same pumpkin,with the exact same “karma” warning and put back in the exact same spot.

Thank you to whoever returned the pumpkin. At this point I don’t care that you took it in the first place. I just care that you brought it back.

Why does any of this matter to me? Perhaps I am simply seeking to restore my optimism that we can continue to share goodwill in our community. We simply have to keep the faith.

To the vandals of the eagle sculpture or any other trespass, it’s never too late to right a wrong.

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