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Letter: New bridge? Big deal

New bridge, meh. I moved here 27 years ago, talk of new bridge even then. Finally a new one being built, meh. Four lanes replacing old four-lane (albeit wider), meh.

From what I can tell, it gets rid of two of the 12 or so stoplights in town. Meh. Traffic backs up to Buffalo Valley now at rush hour, that’ll change? Doubt it.

If a bypass had been decided on 30 years ago, people could park, shop and walk downtown, keeping the old bridge for local two-lane traffic with weight limits. Instead you get a $100 million-plus highway shoved up, well, you know.

Aspen gets its freight, etc., Glenwood gets, well you know. I’m sure the bridge will be spectacular, for me, meh.

Dan Brown


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