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Letter: Nice work from Talbott

Ron Kokish

Last week Michael Bennett wrote about why he chooses to disclose parts of his personal life in some of his columns and the varying reactions he gets from readers. I’m one of those readers who likes his personal style. What he wrote made sense to me and was not at all surprising. Far more surprising was that Ross Talbott’s column the following day seemed so consistent with Mr. Bennett’s approach.

Until now, I have never liked Talbott’s writing. I have been one of his more frequent detractors in the letters section and have maintained that he is so inept as a journalist that his column ought to be pulled. Not so on June 1. “Get on Board or Get Run Over” was a nice piece of work.

Talbott is after all, in his mid-70s. He has accumulated enough experience to be an elder. As such, his personal perspective is worth considering. My complaint has been that he usually shares it in ways that are inappropriate for the setting in which it appears.

Not so with his latest work. Talbott’s June 1 piece offered us his perspective about the inevitability of change and ways he has learned to adjust to it. Nostalgic yes, but also a rancor-free acknowledgement that much of the past he loves is gone. No anger at the people who changed it. An implied admission I think, that it’s no longer his time to be in charge.

Maybe Talbott feels it’s time for him to back off his limb. Being roughly his age and having rough edges of my own, I understand that feeling. Then again, maybe I’m just projecting my own feelings onto the old curmudgeon and he’ll be back writing the same old stuff next month. No matter. Good column in June. I appreciated and enjoyed it. Hope to read more from him along similar lines. As we age, reminiscing is so much nicer than ranting, says I.

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