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Letter: No excuse for not being informed

Stephen Bershenyi
Glenwood Springs city councilor-at-large

On Sept. 1, you published a letter from Jennifer Moore regarding the ballot question recently sent to the citizens to give the City Council authority to sell two parcels of city-owned property immediately south of Glenwood Springs Elementary School.

Ms. Moore does make a very cogent point in her letter when she speaks to her complete lack of civic participation. To admit to not coming to City Council meetings and being blindsided flies in the face of the fact that Ms. Moore only has to tune in to local access channel 10 on her TV to keep abreast of the issues facing the city. A sad harangue from a person who won’t even take the time to inform herself about the issues when it is so easy that all she has to do is use her remote.

This particular ballot question, if passed, allows the city and the RE-1 School District to realize a much-needed renovation and redevelopment of Glenwood Springs Elementary School, and gives the city more contiguous land to expand the confluence development. All of this has been discussed in open-session City Council meetings over the last 18 months.

City Council plays to an empty room 90 percent of the time. If your life is too busy to attend regular meetings, tune in, get informed, participate. Channel 10 is your source if you can’t or don’t wish to attend live City Council meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month. There is simply no excuse for not being informed.

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