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Letter: No more Glenwood pot shops

Dave Heyliger
Glenwood Springs

I read with great interest that apparently “a moratorium (on new pot shops) would not halt any of the license applications already in process.”

What does that really mean? Does it mean that the City of Glenwood (aka “the pioneers”) cannot learn from their mistakes and turn on a dime? I am pretty sure that every pioneer who experimented with their new surroundings — back in the day of real pioneers — learned to turn on a dime almost daily. It was called survival back then.

So, hey, City Council of Glenwood (who are all touting how “they are listening” like Frasier Crane) — listen up. Turn on a dime. Learn fast from mistakes and be prepared to correct them midstream. Be a true pioneer. Make sure Glenwood survives (as a family vacation spot).

In other words: stop this nonsense that no one wants (except the millionaire pot shop owners). Do not allow any more pot shops downtown (or as far as I am concerned — within the city limits), as there are plenty of existing places to buy weed and/or candy. Allowing more downtown pot shops will kill the family atmosphere that a majority of people of Glenwood rely on — make no mistake about it.

Grow a backbone, grow a pair, grow a conscience, and just say enough is enough. There is no excuse to allow any more pot shops simply because you could not predict the future. Don’t blow this one … or the entire town will hold you responsible for this crap. I know I will. Enough is enough.

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