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Letter: No new Carbondale taxes

When faced with tough time financially, do you tighten your belt and do without some luxuries or do you say to your boss, “My cable bill is too high. Can I have a raise?” By asking for higher taxes, your elected officials are asking for the raise.

Energy tax supporters don’t provide an outcome on climate change but rather a tax that will finance a process. In the 2016 Scope of Work that CORE published in this paper, 23 percent is going to direct action and 77 percent to advertising and consulting.

The infrastructure tax is simply creating a new fund for improvements that should have been the No. 1 priority from the general fund. I urge you to vote no on both. These taxes will hurt our local economy and make it less affordable to live here.

For once, Carbondale has a real choice in this election. I believe that through prioritization and economic growth we can achieve our goals with no new taxes. We have a new regional grocery store coming soon and the town will benefit from the increased property values under the current mill levy. I am the candidate in favor of tightening the town’s belt and re-examining priorities.

Michael Durant


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