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Letter: No new taxes

I just read the letter from Laurie Guevara-Stone in the Post Independent. I have been a lifelong resident in Carbondale, and every day I see where somebody wants another tax. Let’s have a carbon tax. Change your lightbulbs to LEDs, put in solar, the list goes on and on. We need lights to light the bike path, we need to stop lighting the bike path. Are you really serious? Laurie is going to save us all from our habit of liking heat in the winter, jobs that produce work in the coal industry. She sounds like an Xcel Energy rep. Just do this and do that and we will all be happy. Gosh, all you have to do is “do without,” change your habits.

Guess what, Laurie, I don’t know how long you have lived here, but if you came here because of the beauty of the valley, then stop already.

There are still some of us old-timers still here. There are some people that moved into this valley and already they can see that they can’t retire here, can’t live happily ever after here because of the cost of living. We are and have been taxed to death. Oh, our governor thought that we need marijuana dispensaries in this state. Tax money from this industry is going to solve all the problems here in this state. Wrong again. So you see, taxing us more and more and the high cost of living means one thing: If you don’t like what goes on here, then go someplace else that will be responsive to your ideas of adding more taxes on to the already taxed to death.

Jane Spaulding


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