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LETTER: No on vacating CR106 through CRMS

I am writing on behalf of myself and disabled father to strongly oppose the vacation of right away of CR106 through CRMS property.

My dad has lived in Satank since 1977 and has multiple sclerosis with spastic quadriplegia. He manages to navigate the roads of Satank and CRMS via a head-controlled power wheelchair. We often take walks through CRMS to visit CRMS students and faculty or access the Rio Grande Trail along CR108 to get to Carbondale.

CR106 is currently closed to through motorized traffic, which I think is a great idea for the safety of CRMS students, but I think it is important for the residents of Satank to have the potential to reopen it if CRMS tries to develop the 6+ acre parcel north of Delores Way. In May of 2007 CRMS tried to get this land rezoned from residential to commercial with a proposal that would have put more than 30 buildings and 100 parking spaces. You can view the proposal by going to http://www.landandshelter.com/development/scor.

I believe there have been no safety issues involving CRMS students clashing with foot traffic along the CR106 right of way. The biggest safety issue that I believe needs urgent attention is the extension of the Rio Grande Trail along CR108 to CRMS with a road barrier. As it stands now there is a 75-yard section where the Rio Grande Trail ends to where CRMS property begins that is very exposed to an inevitable pedestrian versus automobile accident. This section of road is heavily used by bicycles, pedestrians, baby strollers and wheelchairs.

I hope that Garfield County and CRMS address this problem immediately. We shouldn’t have to wait for a tragic fatality to occur before we fix this dangerous section of road/bike path. There also needs to be improvement for wheelchair access to get to CR106. Right now there is a narrow rudimentary bridge that crosses over an irrigation ditch and is absolutely wheelchair inaccessible.

We look forward to a continuing bond with the outstanding students and faculty of CRMS and Satank residents.

Jake Menke


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