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Letter: No pot business next to Vaudeville

Most every resident of the valley has been to the Springs Theater or the Vaudeville Revue over the years. This location has served the valley for excellent family entertainment for many years. John Goss and staff of the Vaudeville Revue have invested much time and energy over the last few years and have taken entertainment to the next level for certain.

Now this local and small business needs our help. A marijuana manufacturing and retail center has applied to start operations in a building that shares a common wall. If this is allowed to take place the building and business will be altered and damaged substantially.

There is no way to control the odor problems that will permeate the building and contents. Odor from smoke and oil from these operations will enter from the walls, roof, vents, doors and windows. There are no reasonable or cost-effective cleaning methods that a business owner can do to control these problems. Installing a comprehensive exhaust system will involve a complete remodel of this building. There is simply no way to stop the impact that is reasonable for a small business owner.

This is simply the wrong location for this type of industry to exist without causing harm to adjacent neighbors. In my opinion a business of this type should be in a commercial standalone building where manufacturing and testing is appropriate and does not impact those who choose not to be willing participants.

Marijuana odor and second hand smoke are very real impacts. The Vaudeville Revue is very cherished by many in our community. I ask that the applicant withdraw and find a more appropriate location that does not cause harm to their neighbors. I am certain that you will find a better location so that your business can thrive and peacefully exist just as myself and many others wish the same for the Vaudeville Revue.

Craig Amichaux

Glenwood Springs

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