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Letter: No speeding enforcement

Ernest Delto
Glenwood Springs

I contacted the Garfield County sheriff’s office on October 21 to ask if they would have a patrol officer drive County Road 109 occasionally and write a few speeding tickets to those who deserved it. The Sheriff Office’s response was a very direct no. After some discussion of my reasons, the answer did not change.

I reported a driver, about six months ago, who passed me over a double yellow line and was traveling at 50 mph on Road 109, which is posted at 35 mph. I provided law enforcement with everything requested in writing and absolutely nothing came of it. On Oct. 21, I walked down to my mailbox, and standing less than 3 feet from the edge of asphalt, witnessed a vehicle traveling at 70 mph.

That is what I was reporting to the Sheriff’s Office. I would like to know, if the Sheriff’s Office is not going to do their job, why are you and I paying them a salary? What is the point if we are strictly on our own and the sheriff has no intention to provide us with protection against those who deliberately break the law? Why do we have any law enforcement at all? Let’s just let everyone do their own thing and reduce the surplus population.

No one has the right to threaten others by breaking the law regardless of his or her excuse. That is why the law was written.

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