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Letter: No such thing as free

I just saw an email today that I recognized as being something to ponder.

I can now see clearly where Obama and Romney differed. It wasn’t because of something that Romney did wrong, it was because Obama offered something “free.” Something for free” always is a catchy slogan. I can see where a lot of young people and even a lot of older people might buy into that. I also see where a lot of those that had some common sense and listened to what was being said by the feds made a lot more sense. It is kind of like, I can’t believe that people would think that things would be different, if the country is run the same way by doing the same thing. Well guess what, the catch word was free and how many of you bought into that phrase? Somehow the free has turned into something so expensive that it dumbed down Americans to the tune of millions of dollars in debt. Something to think about …

Jane Spaulding


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