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Letter: No to oil, skiing, anything on public lands

Sean Berry

I wanted to say I agree with Mr. Fricke’s response and ban all oil and gas fracking in Colorado. In fact we should also make all those who work for the oil and gas industry in Colorado leave the state take all their tax money and spending money with them. We should also kick out every business that supports the oil and gas industry along with all the monies received from oil and gas for local infrastructure, schools, roads, the environment, etc.

And instead of just stopping at that we should also strip ski resorts of their permits to operate on U.S. Forest Service land, as it has a direct environmental impact to the natural habitat, wildlife and not to mention deforestation of prime wilderness land. We need to also put a complete and total ban on use of the Colorado River by commercial rafting companies as they pollute the waterways and disturb the fragile habitats of many native fish species.

We need to ban anything that impacts our pristine wilderness, including all public use of public lands from camping to hunting to hiking. See the anti-fracking groups are never going to be satisfied, regardless, but it’s OK to ruin livelihoods and take jobs away. Well, Mr. Fricke then no one including you should be allowed to use or profit off public lands.

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