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Letter: No to park status for Colorado National Monument

Hooray for Bill Solawetz’s letter of June 20!

I agree with his perspective 100 percent regarding what would be a disastrous change if Colorado National Monument became a national park. His statement, “… economic growth should not be a factor in deciding the designation of a National Park” is my sentiment exactly. He goes on to say, “The purpose of designating an area as a National Park or Monument is to protect the area and its natural inhabitants for generations to come and for all Americans to share in its ownership and stewardship. This beautiful piece of canyon country is already protected and preserved with its Monument designation. Any change in name or status would be redundant.”

Besides the sheer (destructive) logistics of making changes to the Monument’s infrastructure to accommodate more traffic and more visitors, I would add one more “con” to the discussion: The U.S. government can’t support the national parks it already has under its jurisdiction, with corporate sponsorship always being offered as an alternative. Do we want to see “Yum Brands” or “Pepsi” plastered all over our beautiful area?

I ask citizens to re-think this proposal and forget financial incentives — let’s do what’s best for Colorado National Monument.

Pat Martin

Grand Junction, Colo.

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